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Latopa, Ogun, Ochosi (suite), Obaloke, Inle, Iya-nko-ta, Babalu aye, Osain (suite), Osun, Obatala (suite), Dada, Oggue + Lalubanche, Nongo, Rumba Yesa, Bayuba, Eleggua Nita.

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Arnold Moueza was born in Algeria on 7 April 1965 of a Guadeloupian father and a French mother.


He started showing an interest in music at a very young age.

At the age of 7 he took one year of drumming lessons at the US embassy in Algiers, where his parents were working.

Then, aged 8, he began a 3-year course studying classical percussion at the Algiers National Conservatoire.

It was not until 1980, on returning home from a trip to Guadeloupe, that he began to focus exclusively on hand percussion, after having been initiated into the GWO KA (the island’s most well-known traditional percussion instrument) and in particular, after having had an opportunity to play with Vélo, the uncontested master of this particular style.


Back in France, he won in 1982 a grant from the Ministry of Culture to go and study music in the US.
In 1983, he joined the MACOUBARY trio, the first French percussion group to introduce Cuban folk music into France, alongside Roger Fixy and Christian Nicolas.


This group attracted the interest of top Cuban, American and Puerto Rican percussionists on their visits to Paris, giving Arnold an opportunity to meet people like Bill Summers, Changuito, Giovanni Hidalgo, Daniel Ponce, Ray Barretto and Los Papines.
Arnold was taking his first steps as a professional musician, acting as a supporting player to a wide range of artists, both on stage and in the studio. The names include:
Eddy Martinez, Pedro Urbina, Alfredo Rodriguez, Ray Lema, Manu Dibango, George McIntosh, Zouk Machine, Kaoma, Paco Sery, Trilok Gurtu, Danny Gottlieb, Patrick Artéro, Don Alias, Papa Wemba, Angélique Kidjo, Rick Margitza, Brice Wassy, Mangu, Terry Moïse, and many others.


A holder of national diploma as a teacher of traditional percussion, Arnold Moueza has participated in numerous master classes alongside musicians like Randy Brecker, Adam Nusbaum, Miroslav Vitous, Danny Gottlieb, Paco Sery and Willy Murillo.
Arnold taught at the CIM of Paris for 6 years and at the Ile de France Centre of Traditional Music for 4 years.
He is currently offering private lessons for his own personal method for playing Bata rhythms on Congas PART 1, and heads courses or master classes run by French conservatoires and music schools.