Holder of a national diploma for percussion teachers,

Arnold Moueza offers classes and Master Classes based on his method "Bata Rhythms on Congas Part 1".


As one of the few people able to play the entire ORU SECO on 3 congas, Arnold masters toques such as: the continuation of Obatalathe continuation of Yemaya, the continuation of Ochosi, the “Meta” of Chango, Bayuba etc.


His transcriptions include all the conversations in these rhythms.

Based primarily on the concept of hand independencethe technique requires full mastery. The aim is to achieve fluidity of movement, regardless of the degree of complexity.


Coordination, control, synchronisation, concentration, technique, hand independence are all essential components that "BATA RHYTHMS ON CONGAS PART 1" helps to develop, making it an efficient and complementary tool enabling all serious percussionists to improve in those areas of their playing.


But it is also a formidable learning method for those who want a different approach to studying the congas, albeit one that demands a high level of discipline.